Natasha Mwashighadi

Photographed by Whitney Smith. 

Wearable Sculptures, Cydney Ross 


Calvin Arsenia & Kristina Noelle

Designers, Grant Karpin & Shangari by Natasha Shangari 


Art gives us the opportunity to bring important topics to the forefront of public discourse, and that is the aim our Barely Contained  collaboration. Including designers, Natasha Shangari, Grant Karpin, and porcelain accessory designer, Cydney Ross who brought us all together for this collaboration.

 "A lot of things have come to light since the election last year. As an artist I feel it's our responsibility to record our place in the world and talk about things even if taboo. With these wearables I'm channeling my concerns for what's happening in war struck countries and researching how architecture can make and break communities. "The Battle for Home" written by female Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni has been a great place to start. Now I'm looking at my hometown of Kansas City to understand how we became so gentrified. This is a one-world problem we're facing. " - Cydney Ross.